Are Electric Baby Swings Safe? Here Is Everything You Need To Know [Update 2021]

Are electric baby swings safe?

One of the baby items that has been on the heated debate is the electric swing. These electric products are marketed as safe for families. But many parents still doubt its quality and security for babies. Have you ever been in the same situation, wondering, “Are electric baby swings safe?” like other parents? This article will provide everything you need to know about this trendy baby product. 

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Are Electric Baby Swings Safe?

Short answer: Yes, they are. 

Long answer: Electric baby swings are safe when you get the hang of how to use them. But before totally understanding why electric swings are good, we should know how electric swings work.

What Are The Differences Between Electric Swings And Traditional Ones?

Traditional swings and electric ones share the same goal – to comfort your babies. Their designs are pretty the same, imitating a womb where your baby lies inside playing or sleeping. 

But of course, the more hi-tech an item is, the more functions it will have. And the electric swings will have more interesting tricks to comfort babies. While traditional swings are human-operated, electric swings run on electricity. Accordingly, you don’t have to make any physical effort to rock your baby all day. 

Are Baby Swing Safe_1

Baby has tons of fun inside an electric swing

Besides, different electric models will have functions such as playing music, speed settings, position adjustments, Bluetooth connection, etc. These help comfort and play with the babies while parents are busy with household chores or cooking. 

How Electric Swings Function?

Like other electric appliances, a baby electric swing will require waves of electricity to make it work. The most common swings you can find on the market are plugged-in types or battery-operated types. 

Once powered, the swings can automatically run under your command. As mentioned above, you can switch it into multiple motion speeds. Swings are also designed to perform tricks to play with your babies, such as playing music or rotating the toys above.   

Are Electric Swings Harmful To Babies?

Back in the days when we use traditional swings, we stand even more chances of harming our infants. Parent’s or babysitter’s pushing-swing speeds vary. It means their actions are not consistent, sometimes pushing hard, sometimes gently. This affects the development of bone structure, especially the neck and spine. 

So the invention of hi-tech swings will reduce mostly all risks that traditional ones have. As they are smartly designed with multiple speed options depending on your babies’ age and likings. Their movements are consistent and smooth. 

Are Electric Swings Bad For Babies’ Brains?

Still, many parents wonder, “Are baby swings safe?” or “Are baby swings bad for brain development?”. The answer is: Yes, they are safe for the brain when you know how to use the swings accurately. 

The finding electric swings may affect the brain only when you choose the inappropriate shaking mode or put the baby in the wrong lying position. It would be best to start the swinging mode from the most gentle for the week-old or month-old child. And the best lying position is to stay reclined. 

These will somewhat help reduce the possibility of babies’ brain damage. Accordingly, it is not the electric swings that harm babies’ brains. It is the parents’ wrong way of use. 

When Can Babies Use Electric Swing?

After days or weeks since birth, your baby can start chilling inside this womb. The sooner they lie inside, the sooner they get used to it. But don’t rush into quick movement speed. The younger your little angel is, the more gently you should choose. This get-to-know process is quite simple, though. 

When To Stop Using Electric Baby Swing?

  • Age

You can bump into some articles claiming that the babies outgrow the swinging stuff when they are two years old. This, however, depends on individual body development. 

The truth is, there is no age limit to use swings. With the great sources of nutrition a baby can get every day, they grow up more quickly, and then the time to quit swinging might come faster.  

  • Weight

There are a lot of weight loads that different swings can handle. These specifications will be vividly labeled on the swing description. So, when purchasing a swing, parents should consider the weight limit. Once your baby grows out of the weight limit, you should not use the swing anymore. 

The common weight limits you can find on the market vary from 25lbs to 50lbs. Researches from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) state that 50% of boys will reach 25lbs when they are 16 months old, while 50% of girls with the same months old can reach 20lbs. 

  • Climbing ability

Watching your infants climbing on the floor is the most wonderful feeling ever. But climbing out of the swing is something that will scare you off. 

The moment babies can climb out of the swing themselves is when to stop using baby swing. Yes, stop even when your baby is yet to reach the weight limit. 

Are Baby Swing Safe_2

When baby learns how to climb, they cannot stand staying in a place

If a baby climbs and falls from the swing, they stand more chances of head and spine damage or even the most unwanted death. Some parents use belts to glue infants into the swings, and they can still magically make themselves out. Some even get entangled and hang along with the swing. This scene is too horrific to observe for any parents. 

What Mistakes Can Parents Make And How To Ensure Security?

  • Common Mistakes

Some people are first-time parents, and mistakes are unavoidable. Our team of experts has researched and found out that parents usually make similar mistakes when using electric baby swings. Even when they already have some kids, they share common problems and faults. 

  • Sleep inside the swing

The most common mistake is letting your baby sleep inside the swing. Sometimes even sleep overnight, not just naps. This doesn’t seem right because human bone structures are supposed to sleep on something firm and flat. 

In this way, we can reduce a lot of backache and spine problems since infant age. You can easily see many people with back problems will choose a flat and firm mattress instead of a bouncy one. 

Are Electric Baby Swings Safe? 01
Credit: Bellistontwins

Is it safe to sleep inside a swing?

  • High speed of swing movement

Another mistake is that parents rush into speedy movement while the baby is too young. It will be best if you remember that different swing speeds are designated for different ages. 

If your baby starts swinging too soon, you should start with the most gentle movement of swinging. Some newborns might laugh and seem interested while in the high-speed swings. However, this poses many threats to their brain development and neck problems. 

  • Placing too many things on the swing

We have encountered a lot of parents placing extra pillows and blankets inside a swing. They believe that this will provide comfort for the baby and prevent them from falling out of the swing. However, this perception is incorrect.

If placing too many fluffy things inside, the environment will become suffocated for the babies. This is not to mention babies more chances of SIDs (Sudden infant death syndrome).

  • Tight straps 

Parents might feel safe when they place straps to stick their infants to the swing. However, your babies will find it uncomfortable. Just imagine yourself being tied to something; how terrible it can be? The state of being tied tightly with straps will refrain your babies’ muscles and bones development. 

Tips For Safety

From the mistakes we have stated above, we believe that some tips are now present inside you. Nonetheless, we would like to offer some tips for swing safety. 

  • Time limit 

The best amount of time is 30 minutes peruse. You can use the swings many times a day but for one time, 30 minutes only. Lying inside a wavy swing too long can even cause dizziness. 

  • Loose straps

Tight straps can refrain babies’ movement. But loose straps can keep them safe inside the swing. It can reduce the possibility of falling out if your baby tries to reach some toys hanging above their heads.

Are Electric Baby Swings Safe? 02

A strap can be both helpful and harmful

  • Something fluffy on the floor

We highly recommend that you place something fluffy under the swing, such as a fluffy carpet on the floor. This will reduce the severity of injury in case your baby falls out of the swing. 

  • Within your view

Indeed, no appliances can replace parents. Even if the electric swings help you save time to do household chores, you should also place the swing within your view to supervise. 

  • Remote control

Many electric swing models will come with remote controls. Make sure that they are always within your reach. But be careful if you put the remote inside your pocket, you might unintentionally push any button while busy with kitchen stuff. 

How To Pick The Best Electric Swings?

Various brands are offering different models of electric baby swings out there. Here is a basic guide to find out the best ones for your families. 

  • Your Usage Intention

Before purchasing a baby swing, ask yourself about your families’ intentions to use the swing for a long time. This will affect your final purchasing decision. 

If you want to use the swing for a long time, you will need a swing model with greater weight and dimension. Therefore, depending on your usage intention, you can pick the perfect model for your baby.  

  • Portability

If your family is often on the move, it would be best to check the items’ portability. This will help you save a lot of space when moving. It is also easier to move a portable swing from room to room. 

  • Colors

It seems like swing manufacturers research a lot about the color, so almost all swings you can find are in neutral colors. These kinds of colors are suitable for many household color designs. So, pick a swing with your favorite color that will perfectly suit your house. 

  • Price

Electricity swing price varies a lot on the market. In case you are on a tight budget, you should take this factor into careful consideration. Because a swing can go with your family for a couple of years, do you necessarily need to invest a great amount of money in it? 

On the other hand, if the price tag is not a problem, leave this factor behind and pick the most hi-tech electric swing for your babies. 

  • Warranty

Indeed, no matter what electric household appliances, you should check the warranty and customer service. Electric swings are no exception. The longer warranty is, the more you should consider that item. 

How To Maintain Electric Swings?

Since these swings are electricity-powered, you should treat them with care. This is not to mention, and your babies directly lie on these wombs. 

All models will have individual instruction brochures when arriving at your gate door. It would be best if you read all the manufacturers’ tips carefully inside before using them. 

  • Check the swing often 

Check worn parts, loose screws, torn parts, etc. We recommend repairing these as soon as possible for later use and safety. In this way, you can both use the swing with safety and make it last for long. 

  • Clean the seat cover 

For parts like seat cover, you can take it out and wash them either with a machine or by hand. Still, we recommend washing by hand. And do not expose cloth cover to direct sunshine which will damage the color.  

  • Clean the frame

Many manufacturers advise customers to clean the frame with wet towels. And once you finish the cleaning, you should put the frame somewhere to dry it quickly (still say no to direct sunshine). 

The quicker it gets dried, the better as screws can get deteriorated if they are wet for too long. We don’t want electric appliances to get rusty. It is very dangerous.

In Sum

Are electric baby swings safe? Yes, but you have to be careful. The final decision is yours, and the most important thing is still the safety of your babies. Rushing into buying any electric baby swing is not a good idea.

Instead, we should dive deep enough to figure out what the most suitable one is. We hope this piece of article can provide you with informative knowledge to pick your ideal swings.