10 Best Outdoor Baby Swing For Baby


By nature, children are playful. They all love to sit on the swing, holding both hands on the rope and fly. Swinging not only brings pure joy to the kids but also carries the adult nostalgia in each motion. Now, who doesn’t want their kids to inherit those care-free and most beautiful memories? So, getting the best outdoor baby swing for their babies should be the first act as parents.

However, it’s a vast ocean of swings out there, and there is no “1 answer for all.” That’s why we hope that our best outdoor baby swing review below will help you out of this which-is-which situation. Let’s begin.

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Best Outdoor Baby Swing Review 2021

Product Images Product Names Our Rating Price
Little Tikes Swing 4.9 See latest price
Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat 4.9 See latest price
Squirrel High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat 4.8 See latest price
Coated Swing Seat 4.8 See latest price
Costzon Kids Classic Swing 4.7 See latest price
Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set 4.7 See latest price
Monkey & Mouse Hanging Swing Seat 4.7 See latest price
Little Tikes First Swing 4.6 See latest price
T.P. Toys Swing Seat 4.6 See latest price
Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set 4.5 See latest price

Little Tikes Swing – Best for the handy T-bar

See latest price


The Little Tikes Swing features the T-bar that can be attached to the hinge and easily removed when the child gets about three years older. You can rotate the T-bars under the seat and slide the straps backward to snap to the heart’s back. That’s where the 2-in-1 name comes from: it’s like a toddler bucket swing and a baby chair in at one.

The Swing also has shoulder straps which extend over the shoulder for a 3-point seat belt for safety. These removable straps press on the T-bar very firmly and convenient to store. Together with it is the included small kite designed to support toddlers up to 50 lbs. Even if your baby is a bit on the chubby side, this problem can embrace them just fine!

Another feature of this swing is the durable chair made from color-resistant molded plastic, which is very handy for outdoor use regardless of the weather conditions. Also, the three-feet ropes of nylon braided with connectors at the ends and metal hooks ensure the ability to withstand more weight.

However, this swing’s design seems much thinner than others, which might make parents feel unsafe. Worse still, seat belts can sometimes be a hustle to pull out.


  • Safe T-bar and removable back seat
  • Extended shoulder strap for safety
  • Long-life and beautiful design


  • A little thin design and inconvenient seat belt

In general, despite minor flaws with the seat belt, the Little Tikes Swing are worth the money, and it can be most suitable for babies and toddlers who are a bit playful and active.

Step2 Swing Seat- Best for heavy-duty design

See latest price


The most outstanding feature of the  Step2 Swing Seat is its carefully-made design. In fact, this swing set is made of high-quality materials and most of its components are produced in the USA with high standard lines. The weather-resistant and the unrival longevity are also promised by the manufacturer.

In addition, this Step 2 Swing Seat has the swing bars that are made of high-quality U.V and water-resistant plastic, so you don’t need to worry about  leaving it outside under all kinds of weather.

This swing also has a weight limit of about 50 pounds, so both toddlers and infants can use it. When the swing is pushed, it provides an easy and comfortable swinging experience for toddlers/ babies, and it can contribute to the overall growth of the child, especially their motor skills.


  • Durable parts made in the USA
  • Water-resistant swing bars
  • Suitable for both babies and toddlers


  • Efforts needed to assemble it
  • Hard-to-remove safety harness

In short, regardless of the minor drawbacks with its safety harness, this Step2 Swing Seat is still one of the wise choices for parents because of its reliability and safety.

Squirrel Swing Seat – Best for the safety features

See latest price


The most notable thing about this outdoor swing is the safety features. It’s equipped with a slightly protruding back that gives your toddler extra support. Also, the elevated seat will make children feel reassured and reduce the feeling of falling back, ensuring that your babies have both an exciting and safe swinging experience.

Additionally, the swing of this model can be attached to any outdoor or playground swing set with a swing bar. It comes with a 60 inches leash, of which 30 inches is covered with plastic to minimize children’s finger grip. It also includes galvanized hardware for easy setup.

What’s more, the bucket swing of this product is made of qualified long-lasting materials which is soft enough to prevent scratch on the kid’s sensitive skin. Another thing that deserves your thumb up is that it comes in 4 fun and vivid colors, so parents can freely choose the one that their babies prefer.

However, this swing design could be hard for babies to get in or out without help. Hence, for toddlers, this can be a factor they don’t like.


  • Slightly protruding back for extra support
  • A leash to minimize babies’ finger grip
  • Beautiful bucket swing with many color options


  • Unsuitable design for heavyweight toddlers

In a nutshell, it’s indeed ideal for babies learning to swing, and parents can rest assured of this model without worrying too much about their kids’ safety.

Costzon Swing Seat – Best for the comfort

See latest price


With the Costzon Swing Seat, your kids will be given great comfort when having the time of their life swinging back and forth. The double-sided cotton’s comfort, the deep and comfortable seat with removable cushions will wrap their tiny body in a gentle embrace like a mother. Also, the ocean-grade ropes and locking carabiners partly contribute to this swing’s smooth operation for best swinging experience.

This Costzon Kids Classic Swing is washable. With just a regulator, you can dismantle its parts for regular cleaning, washing, or adjusting the cord’s length. This feature is helpful for those with limited can now save time assembling, cleaning.

The only downside of this beautiful swing may come from its materials. In fact, since this Costzon swing is mainly made of canvas, they are susceptible to mold and weather damage, so it’s not up to par in terms of durability.


  • The comfort of double-sided cotton
  • Versatile use both outdoors and indoors
  • Easy-to-dismantle and washable components


  • Canvas materials susceptible to weather damage

Although it’s made of canvas, this baby swing is still a wise choice for those who want the most comfortable swing for their children.

Take Me Away Swing Seat – Best for the adjustability

See latest price


The Take Me Away swing seat boasts a sixty-inch leash and a swing set, which can be adjusted as your child gets bigger. With beams up to 9′ high and the included zinc coating lines are adjustable up to 30″, it can also be flexibly fitted into most swings. All these features make this swing superior in terms of adjustability.

This swing’s seat is made from high-quality plastic, and the bucket seats are rust and weather-resistant. Also, the swing hardware is galvanized, which helps extend the life of the swing set. With that being said, your kids can enjoy swinging for as long as he/she can.

What’s more, this swing seat comes in a diversity of colors for different preferences and tastes.

Despite those mentioned above, this swing seat’s primary shortcoming is the lack of the hardware for it to hang. Thus, you have to spend an extra sum of money purchasing these parts separately at a local hardware store.


  • Adjustable sixty-inch leash and swing set
  • Durable and weather-resistant bucket swing
  • Diverse color options for various preferences


  • The lack of hanging hardware

The Take Me Away Swing Seat has minor downsides, as usual, it’s still one of the most suitable and reasonably-priced swings for your babies.

Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Seat – Best for the safety chains

See latest price


Its manufacturer pays great attention to little details concerning the safety chains. They are made of plastisol material, so they don’t feel as cold as uncoated steel, allowing the kids to have a comfortable hold. Besides, these chains also prevent your babies’ fingers from being pinched.

In terms of the swing’s design, it is mainly made of heavy-duty plastic. It’s dust-repellent and waterproof, so you can be satisfied with the strong durability and easy maintenance. Also, the bucket swing’s large design offers a curb weight of over 200 pounds, so two kids or more can play the swing together.

Besides, the bucket-shaped swing also features a high back, which contributes to your children’s safety and comfort while enjoying an engaging swinging playtime in your backyard.

This swing seat’s large design is also its weak point because, even though the manufacturer saý that the swing is suitable for babies from 6 months to 4 years old, some users reviewed that this swing model is too large for infants.


  • The durable plastisol safety chains
  • Dust-repellent and waterproof plastic
  • Safe and comfortable high-back swing seat


  • Too large design for infants and toddlers

In conclusion, the Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Seat has a minor disadvantage in its size for small babies, but if you’re looking for a swing seat with heavy-duty safe chains and comfortable high-back seat, this product is for you.

Monkey & Mouse Hanging Swing- Best for entertaining toys

See latest price


Unlike most baby swings of the same price range, the Monkey & Mouse Swing Seat stands out with its special components. It boasts entertaining toys, which are made of natural beech wood. This notable feature will make your babies engrossed in these teething toys with excitement and shiny smiles every time.

Another special thing about this swing model is that it’s equipped with strictly-tested and high quality components, namely double-sided fabrics, marine-grade adjustable ropes, and lockable carabiners. These features allow your baby to enjoy a completely safe, comfortable, and exciting swinging experience.

Additionally, the setup of this product doesn’t take up much time. You just need to make adjustments to the swing’s length. You’ll see that dismantling it for regular cleaning and washing is super easy.

Now for the cons, because of high-quality design and features, the Monkey & Mouse Swing Seat may be unaffordable to some.


  • The included entertaining toys
  • High-end materials for fantastic swinging
  • The easy setup and dismantling process


  • A little higher price

This sort of swing seat is very appealing to babies, and toddlers love the included entertaining toys in a nutshell. Hence, despite its high price, it’s a “can’t go wrong” decision.

Little Tikes First Swing – Best for the cute appearance

See latest price


The most interesting thing about this swing model is that it features a very cute appearance. This swing is made reassembled to a flying car with a lovely smiling face in the front. This swing will put a smile on your face watching your kid ride a flying car.

Besides, the seat belts on the lap are intended to hold the baby in position, offering a lot of support and comfort. Also, the swing seat is wide and deep.  Surely, the kids can’t climb out, that means more freedom for you. (laugh)

Moreover, the long-lasting plastic construction makes it a good idea for leaving it outdoors. The nylon ropes are fitted with metal hooks for hanging. You can also hang this on an existing frame or buy another swing set to hang indoors.

This swing model’s only problem is that the rope might be too short, so it could be hard to lift a large swing seat to a certain height. Well, it won’t be a problem I dare say.


  • Extremely likable flying-car design
  • Broad and deep seat for child safety
  • Durable and weather-resistant material


  • The short ropes that are a bit inconvenient

To recapitulate, irrespective of the drawback in terms of the included ropes, the Little Tikes First Swing is still a good money value in regard to the wonderful swinging experience that your child can obtain with this flying-car – shaped swing.

T.P. Toys Swing Seat – Best for diverse mode options

See latest price


This sort of swing seat is outstanding with four different options. They are specially designed to suit the needs of children of different age groups from 6 months to 8 years old. For example, for 6-month kids, the swing should be in the Y-shape, 5 way safety harness. When they are about two years old, you can turn it to a cradle seat -back support mode with a 3 point lap strap.

Additionally, you can also start using this adjustable swing seat as soon as your child can stand up without your help. Just remove the red T-barrier, and let your child sit on the swing to enjoy. When your child has the balance needed to sit on the Swing without a high part in the back back, you can also remove the pad.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you will be provided with comprehensive setup instructions and all of the assembly pieces you need.

The only drawback of this baby swing is that the plastic piece of this swing’s front features a seemingly flimsy bottom, so parents should pay attention to this detail to ensure a safe wing for their baby.


  • Four different mode options
  • Removable T-barrier
  • Easy to set up and dismantle


  • The flimsy bottom of the swing’ front piece

Anyway, the T.P. Toys 4-in-1 Swing Seat is the right choice for a wide range of people to choose from its variety.

Ecotribe Wooden Horse Swing Set – Best for the wooden style

See latest price


This swing is fascinating with its flashy famous Troy’s horse shape. According to the EcoTribe, each of these intriguing swings are hand-crafted from the untreated and smoothed birch wood with a lot of affection and care. This brand deserves a big and loud love’s nomination.

One more thing about this product’s special design is that its shape is narrow but deep. It doesn’t require any seat belts as the tall edges will hug your babies securely.

What’s more, this type of swing gives you the absolute flexibility because it can be installed anywhere such as: porch swings, tree swings, or courtyard swings. it could also be your child’s spirit animal when used indoors.

However, because it is made of wood, the weather conditions may pose harm to it. Also, some parts of the swing will occasionally fall off if not assembled correctly.


  • Lovely horse-shaped wooden design
  • Flexibility for indoor and outdoor swing
  • Safety ensured for their children’s swinging


  • Weather damage wooden components

Well, things will last if taken care of. The Wooden Horse Swing Set obviously does not have the competitive endurability in comparison with other swings in this article. However, it represents the history, the beauty, and there could be an implying parent’s wish for the kid to be as strong as  Achilles.

Tips to select the best outdoor baby swing

It’s completely understandable that with many options to choose from, many people, especially first-time parents, can be quite confused when selecting the best baby swing for their baby. So here are the essential factors to consider when purchasing a swing.

Child age

Be sure to buy a kit that is appropriate for your child’s age. To save money, most parents buy a swing that the kids can use until they get older. Nevertheless, there is no equal in creating equipment. The reason why infant swing sets have the word “infant” marked on them is that they have special safety features to protect babies. Besides, these swings are of a height suitable for children to enjoy.


Safety is paramount when you choose from among the best outdoor baby swings. Of course, if you want to be sure that the Swing meets safety standards, you can check the harness style, the mounting hardware, whether there is any chance of clamping (especially with the swing using the chain instead of the rope), the sing’s stability set, etc. Also, you can count on the trustworthy brands for most products, as they have a rigorous testing process.


In addition to your child’s safety, it is remarkable that the swing you buy should be comfortable. To do that, you have to ensure that your babies are comfortable fit into the swing by looking at the swing seat’s dimensions and materials. For example, the swing seat made of soft materials is more comfortable for your kids.


Stand Type Swing has two popular base styles – square and angle. The square base has little room below the deck, but you can install outdoor dining tables and clubhouses. In contrast, the angle bases have larger rooms below the main deck with a stone wall and tire swings. Therefore, you could choose one that meets your demands or select a combination of the two to improve functionality.


Price is always a factor that should be taken into account when you purchase any product. Normally, the products with great features and made from old-aging producers are more expensive than those with limited functionalities. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the one you think is the best baby swing.  But remember that the good one never comes at a low price and high-end products are often worth the money.

FAQs about baby swings

What is the safest toddler swing?

Child seats are the safest swing for toddlers. It comes with 3 or 5 point seat belts to keep your child safe from swinging. So you should follow other safety rules on the playground to keep your child safe while turning.

Can I buy an old/used toddler swing?

Let’s check it for safety. You have to be confident that there are no metal parts that are rusted or weak. Make sure that any restriction systems are working correctly. Also, make sure the mounting hardware is there and working.

Final thought

There is no doubt that the best outdoor baby swing can allow your toddlers and babies to enjoy the great excitement and happiness of outdoor play. Though you may get your kids a swing after this comprehensive review, remember that the predominant of the best outdoor swing is the safety level it commits.

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