Do baby swings cause brain damage? All things to know


We are living in such a weird world, ain’t we? I don’t even know if the world has become more and more transcending, or people just keep trying so hard to find a problem in everything, no matter how small. Recently, I just had a conversation with my husband regarding the question “do baby swings cause brain damage?” and “should we stop our little child from swinging?”.

He found a couple of hot articles on Google about “Shaken Baby Syndrom” (SBS) and “Swinging could cause brain damage.” I mean, I love my man, and everything is possible, but living with paranoid is a different story. He got me scared for a hot minute also.  However, it is what it is, I have some thoughts worth sharing after that night.

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Do baby swings cause brain damage?

Repeated vigorous movements can damage baby’s neurons – This is the very first article that ignites our night. Out of nowhere, the man grabs my attention and says that the motion created by the swing could be harmful if done for a long period. Quickly, I jump next to him so we can analyze this hot load of piles together. If this is legit, I might have to find another job.

First off, the writer says “repeated vigorous movements can damage baby’s neurons” then states that “Parents are advised not to use a cradle, especially the electrical ones, to prevent SBS,” without giving out any logical proof. Let me make it clear, the word “ repeated vigorous” means something like the way your arms and legs move while sprinting. Or rather funny, the way you pick your baby swing up and spin it like Thor spins his hammer. That’s vigorous. That could be the writer’s wording mistake. Let’s move on to avoid kicking over the dead horse.

Second off, this article literally says don’t buy electrical cradles for baby, then states that there is no reason why. I don’t really understand the purpose of this writer anymore. I have tested so many electrical baby swings and cradles myself. I can’t even remember how many. These things do have flaws such as picking up speed on their own, jerky, overly consume power… but vigorous swing and cause baby brain damage are never seen before. 

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Can a baby swing or bouncer cause brain damage?

This is another one of those which hugely throw out cutting words as a hook to bait you into reading. As soon as you get to the second paragraph, they show their true color right away. Let’s just save time with this

The shaken baby syndrome is very similar to impacted brain damage (being hit in the head). Meaning, they carry the same cause and effect. Further speaking, the baby’s brain is like jelly in a jar with barely anything to keep it in place. When the jar takes excessive force, whether by hitting or shaking, the jelly inside will take the same force and break.

Now, unlike jelly, a baby’s brain can heal itself at a much faster and stronger rate comparing to an adult. So the only time that we can observe the SBS is when the same condition is repeated over and over again. That’s why it’s so hard to commence and full-scale research on this matter. You will only find a couple of “advises” from the ones with the “D.r” sign in front of their names who vaguely give you a 50-50 yes-no answer. 

Swings are safe as long as you keep an eye on your baby

Swinging did several benefits to the kid because it stimulated the exact movements the baby had before being born. Swinging has been our children’s favorite for hundreds of years. I have never met a child who doesn’t play swinging, or not like doing it. If anything, it’s this funny modern world that always tries to find the wrong side of everything. Please, be reassured that swings are safe as long as you keep an eye out for your own preciousness. You should always. You should also do a little research here and there before entrusting your child with any of the toys. That’s why I always prefer the best baby’s product over the price. 


That night, I successfully convinced my husband to spend more time meditating instead of freaking out over some news about the topic “do baby swings cause brain damage?” at first sight. Now even though it might sound complicated, but trust me, it’s not. The answer to the question above is a big NO-NO.

I have gone through many articles like the ones mentioned, and they all generally say only if excessive force is used, then, maybe there is a chance of harm. I mean, you could do the research yourself, and who in the world would shake their baby like shaking the freaking champagne?