How To Build A Frame For A Baby Swing: The Easiest Way For Beginners

A Frame Baby Swing

You can create a lovely A-frame for a baby swing for your baby but without high cost or effort.

Just a few wooden pieces that you can easily find around your house are enough for you to create an A-frame for your baby.

Today, the progress and development of science – technology has brought technology-oriented toys to babies.

It can be said that it’s not difficult to find and buy toys for babies in nowadays markets.

But with the penetration of low-quality products (such as low quality plastic toys), it’s a big concern for parents.

Because of those reasons above, the trend of making toys for babies is becoming more and more popular.

Making toys will bring many essential meanings and practical values and help parents be more reassuring about their safety.

Let’s spend your weekends with us practicing making an A-frame for your baby.

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Material Preparation

The first and also the most important step is to prepare the materials.

It would be best to write them down on paper or in your cell phone notes to save time when shopping for the necessary materials.

You should avoid searching materials while making A-frame, so your process will not only be very time consuming but also get messed up.

Moreover, these tools below are not difficult to find, so you should prepare them well in advance.

Besides, to save the cost, you should also take advantage of your home’s available materials.

Take a walk around the house and find out if there is anything that you can utilize.

DIY A Frame Baby Swing
Credit: danielleityourself

Here is the complete list of the ingredients you need:

  • 4 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 106-inch long posts
  • 2 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 33-inch long, 2 pieces – 11 ½-inch long braces
  • 2 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 30 ½-inch long supports
  • 1 piece of 4×4 – 108″ long top beam
  • 4 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 10′
  • 2 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 8′
  • swing hangers
  • 50 pieces of 3 ½-inch screws
  • 50 pieces of 5-inch screws
  • glue, stain
  • paint (optional color your baby likes)

DIY A frame baby swing 3

Tools Preparation

Besides, to help the saw process and assembly A-frame for a baby swing easier, you also need to prepare the following tools:

  • Safety gloves, glasses
  • Jigsaw, miter saw, pocket hole jig
  • Carpentry pencil, chalk line, spirit level, tape measure,
  • Drill bits and drill machinery

Instruction On How To Build A Frame For A Baby Swing

After preparing all the materials and tools as above, let’s follow our instructions on how to build A-frame for a baby swing!

For your construction and assembly to be as comfortable as possible, you need to find a large flat area that allows you to leave the materials and finished product commodiously.

Furthermore, you will also need to pre-drill all bolt holes that fit the bolts you have purchased.

Then, tighten each bolt with a wrench and periodically check the tightness when using.

Pay careful attention to every step to avoid making as few mistakes as possible and have a successful A-frame in the least amount of time.

Check the square of each piece of wood and their joints’ matching in each step carefully.

Step 1: Cut The Leg And Ends Of The Piece Of Wood

First, place the pieces of wood on a flat surface and cut their legs and ends as the detail of the image shown below.

DIY A Frame Baby Swing 4

You must ensure that you have measured the correct dimensions, as shown in the figure, so that there are no discrepancies between the parts while you are assembling.

It would be best to use a pencil to sketch out every detail before cutting for higher accuracy.

Step 2: Put The Pieces Together

You need to locate the exact locations for installing the bolts. Then, use a pencil to mark and drill.

After fully drilling the bits, fit the pieces together, and fix them with bolts as shown below.

DIY A Frame Baby Swing 5

Next, mount a top horizontal bar connecting the two A-frame.

Make sure there are no gaps between the joints, and if you want a more beautiful and professional result, add waterproof adhesive.

Step 3: Install Bracing Bars

To help increase the frame’s firmness, add two more horizontal bracing bars, as shown below!

DIY A Frame Baby Swing 7

Step 4: Complete A Frame For A Baby Swing

Finally, you should pay attention to the finishing stage because this is the stage that will determine the perfection of the product.

Maybe during the cutting process, since you are not a professional, your cuts will not be straight, causing aesthetic loss and scratching your child’s hands.

So it would be best if you used sandpaper to smooth out sharp spots and curves to make the product safer for children’s use.


DIY A Frame Baby Swing 6

A-frame swings have a very beautiful, fancy appearance because of the rustic of wood.

To make the product more attractive, you can consider painting it with your baby favorite color.

Besides, you should decorate A-frame for a baby swing with different motifs depending on the favorite and gender of your baby.

You should wait for the coating of A-frame to completely dry before using the decorative items to make your A-frame look prettier!

So you have manually made a cute swing for your baby. Surely your baby will enjoy this extremely cute little gift.

Congratulations on completing the desired A-frame baby swing.

We believe that with the detailed instructions we give, you can make one successfully and beautifully.

Some Tips Can Help You Make It Better

  • If you do not want A frame’s legs to reach the ground, you should cut their legs about 84 ″ long. However, it would be best if you were not too rigid to cut exactly to the ratio that we recommend, you can calculate the bar’s length to find the best match. Attach a 2 × 6 beam underneath the foot to create a swing rack.
  • Plumb the frame with the spirit level and secure it temporarily with some braces. This can help make your A-frame stronger and more solid while minimizing unnecessary risks such as bent or broken frames.
  • Apply more than a few paint or topcoat over the A-frame structures to protect components from decomposition and enhance their appearance.


Swings not only help your garden become more impressive and unique, but they are also like a meaningful gift for your little angels.

Instead of spending a pretty high cost to buy an A-frame baby swing, parents can make their swing at home when they have free time during the day with the way we recommend above.

A baby swing frame is simple but extremely beautiful, impressive is an exciting game for your baby.

Besides, it also helps decorate your garden more beautiful.

We hope you can see making A-frame is easy-peasy in just a few simple steps.

Stay tuned for more useful information from our articles.

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