How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch – A Thorough Guide 


It’s always joyful to have a tree swing in your backyard, right? But, how to hang a tree swing without a branch? In this post, we will show you the ways.

You can imagine how romantic and peaceful it is to have a surrounded-by-nature picnic with your beloved one. Having a small BBQ party, taking part in outdoor games, or sharing stories on a tree swing will all bring you memorable moments in life.

However, in some cases, there aren’t strong tree brands for you to hang your swing. Don’t worry! We will show you how to hang a tree swing without a branch. Scroll down now!


How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch: Using Weltevree Swing?

#1 Quick RunDown Of Weltevree Swing

Dimensions and weight of the Weltevree swing:

Dimensions Weight
Height: 190 to 320 cm

Width: 120 cm

Depth: 23 cm

13 kg


  • With excellent mobility, you can install this swing on any pole or tree as long as their circumferences range from 94 to 204 cm.
  • Installing this product is straightforward. You can rely on the user manual to assemble and remove the components with ease.
  • High-quality materials make this swing a stable, durable, and sturdy product. Steel triangle parts, a wooden seat, and lashing straps can handle the total weight up to 100kg.


  • The small components may result in small children’ choke
  • Not a product for tight budget

#2 Some Notices You Should Focus On Before Buying Weltevree Swing

As mentioned above, this swing comes with a relatively high price, so you need to take those factors below into consideration before putting it in your shopping cart. Or else, it may become a redundant item.

  • This swing should only be used for personal and domestic use. For instance, you can install it on a tree or a pole in your backyard, or a picnic area. Don’t opt for this Weltevree swing for playgrounds because it can’t resist constant and tough use.
  • The Weltevree swing is suitable for a person’s use at a time for a safe and decent experience.
  • Be sure that the place you are going to install this swing on has no blocking obstacles. If the area is moderate, the distance from the swing to the closest obstacle should be at least 2 m.
how to build a tree swing without a branch
Credit: bijlaurijs
  • The surface below the swing should be soft or shock-absorbing like soil, sand, and wood chips. Bear in mind that you mustn’t install the swing above a firm surface for safety requirements.

#3 Installation

There’s already a user manual in this swing package with a thorough guide. Therefore, we just give you a fundamental tutorial:

  • For a simple installation, you just need a tape measure, and a ladder. Other necessary items will go with the package.
  • Make sure that within the 2m distance, there will be no obstacle.
  • The distance from the seat to the ground should be at least 35cm.
  • The tree which you tighten the strap on should be in a bent shape for better connection. If you choose a straight tree, the joining may lose after some uses.
  • Make sure the strap is straight.
  • Manually tighten the strap. Besides, you need to take advantage of the rachet to make the strap more secure.

#4 Requirements For Maintenance And Repairs

  • Always check the joining points before using them to ensure that they are steady and reliable for your swing. If you install the swing in a fixed place, you should weekly check the components in case of damage.
  • After a long time of use, the components will be stained or worn down. You have to replace all the damaged parts with authentic Weltevree components.
  • If possible, you can detach and disassemble the swing after every use. This task may be time-consuming, but it will increase the product’s durability. By doing this way, you can avoid the swing from interacting with direct sun, rain, or heat.
  • Don’t throw away the user manual. Keep it for future use.

How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch: Using Alternative Swing Header

In case you can’t find a real tree branch for your swing, you should find an alternative one. Hence, we would like to give you the tutorial and some notices to build an alternative tree branch, or we can call it a swing header.

#1 A Quick Rundown Of Making A Tree Swing Header


  • A tree swing header can sustain heavy weights better than a natural tree branch, thanks to the great sturdiness and stability.
  • Typically, you can install the swing on a tree swing header more effortlessly than on a tree branch because this item is specially designed for hanging swings.
  • Unlike tree branches that have to face the risk of getting damaged by the natural phenomenon, alternative swing headers can last longer because you can detach them for storage.


  • Though tree swing header can make swing-assembly simpler, installing the header itself is a challenging task. A header is usually made of large and heavy logs, so you will need support when moving it upwards and fasten it.
How To Hang A Tree Swing Without A Branch Using Alternative Swing Header
A Tree Swing Header

#2 Some Notices You Should Focus On When Opting For A Tree Swing Header

  • Before applying a tree swing header, you need to find suitable trees to hang the header. The chosen trees should be large, high, and sturdy. Specifically, trees need to be at least 10 feet in height and mature as they will withstand a great deal of weight.
  • The tree trunks should be firm and adaptable to drilling, or else you can’t achieve the stable position of the swing header. Besides, the trees should be straight instead of curly.
  • The material used for making tree swing headers should be weather-resistant and solid. With weather-resistant characteristics, you can save up much time for moving and assembling the header.
  • Choosing the suitable swing for the swing header is crucial. We would like to give you the Trekassy giant swing pack. This product can withstand up to 700 pounds, which is adequate to the weight of nearly five children or two adults.

Trekassy 700lb Tree Swing – See latest Price 

#3 Installation

Installing a tree swing header has never been an easy task. Because of the heavy log, you will need support from other people with useful equipment. Remember that hanging a swing header is not a DIY job. Here is the tutorial for your installation:

  • A cleat will play a significant role in handling the header’s heavyweight. The cleat must be secured between two tree trunks by long screws.
  • Next, tighten the swing header with the cleat by using a rope. This process will keep the header in the right position.
  • Once again, you need to keep the swing header’s position as steady as possible. Hence, you have to take advantage of 10’’ lag bolts and washers.
  • Drill a pilot hole through each end of the swing header and install the lag bolts in these spots. The washer must be placed between the tree trunks and the lag bolts’ end.
  • Hammer, socket wrench, and drill are the compulsory tools for the installation.

#4 Requirements For Maintenance And Repairs

Since a swing header is a large and solid timber log, there’s little chance that it will get deteriorated by the weather or excessive use. For better durability, you should cover the tree swing header with canvas to avoid external interference.

In case there is some damage, you should replace the whole header with a new one for safety.

How To Hang A Tree Swing Without Branch: Using Straps

If you can’t afford the two methods above, you can rely on this low-cost swing-hanging way by using tie-down ratchet straps. This method will give you the answer to the question “How to hang a baby swing from a tree?” Let’s check it!

#1 Quick Rundown Of Using Tie-down Ratchet Straps For Hanging Swing


  • As mentioned above, this is such an economic method that anyone can rely on to build a swing.
  • It’s straightforward to carry out any step in the installation stage. A tie-down ratchet strap is not as heavy as a wooden tree swing header, so you can complete the whole assembling task yourself.
  • Using straps for hanging swings is space-saving.


  • You can only use a moderate-sized swing with this to hang on the strap because straps can’t be as solid and sturdy as large logs.

Recommendation: We recommend you use a set of Saucer Tree Swing with a strap swing header. With a compact design, the Saucer swing can both satisfy your children and safety match your man-made tree branch.

#2 Some Notices You Should Focus On When Hanging Swing With Straps

Since a tie-down ratchet strap can’t be as sturdy as a solid-log swing header, you need to opt for the high-quality product for safety and stability.

  • Using straps from DC Cargo Mall is a decent choice. This strap is 27 feet in length and 2 inches in width. Besides, the DC Cargo Mall strap features 10,000 pounds break strength and 3,333 pounds word load limit.
  • You will need two tree trunks for tightening the strap, like with a large-log swing header. The distance between the two trees should be about 16 feet.

#3 Installation

  • Wrap the strap around the tree as tight as you can to create the tension of the swing header.

How To Hang A Tree Swing Without Branch Using Straps 0

The knot should be like this

  • After wrapping the straps around both trees, you need  to connect them by the WISH quick link chain. In this case, the chain will be in a horizontal orientation.

How To Hang A Tree Swing Without Branch Using Straps 9

This is where you hang the swing


  • Next, hang the Termath swivel eye hook on the horizontal link chain. This metal-part combination is where you hang your swing on

How To Hang A Tree Swing Without Branch Using Straps 8

Assemble the metal parts like in this picture

The rotating swivel will allow your swing smooth and free movements.

  • Finally, hook the swing on the vertical link chain and enjoy your play.

How To Hang A Swing Without Branch Using Straps Tree 7

#4 Requirement For Maintenance And Repairs

Creating a swing header by using tie-down ratchet straps is effortless. Hence, for better durability, you should disassemble all the components after using and store them somewhere.

Whenever children want to play, you can spend some minutes to re-install a swing set like this.

Bottom Lines

Nowadays, thanks to the creativity of many manufacturers, we have useful and practical tools to hang a swing even if there aren’t any tree branches.

We hope that after reading this guide, you now manage to know how to hang a tree swing without a branch and how to hang a tree swing without hurting the tree.

Each method has its own advantages and downsides. Yet, the most crucial thing is you can enjoy swinging with great convenience and safety.